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How To Make Changes to Your Account.
How To Make Changes to Your Account.

You can easily manage your Webydo account directly from your Dashboard.

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In your Webydo Dashboard, select the My Account tab. In this section you can make changes to your details, such as email address and password.

Here are a few tips for changing your account information:

  • Use a valid email to receive updates regarding your account and product news.

  • Do not change the email to an email you have on another CMS/DMS account - this may prevent you from accessing your account in the future.

  • When selecting a password, make sure it contains up to 25 keys.

The account name can easily be changed by the Webydo team. Just email us at or open a ticket from your dashboard.

You can also change your billing details clicking on Manage My Billing Details button. You can check this article How do I change my billing information? for more information.

In the My Team section you can add additional designers to your account, and manage the existing ones. For more details, check How To Add Fellow Designers to Your Account.

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