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How do I change my billing information?
How do I change my billing information?

How to make any changes to your billing information.

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In your Webydo Dashboard, select the My Account tab.

Go to Manage My Billing Details. You will be redirected to our payment system, where you'll be asked to Enter your account email.

Once you click on Send button, you will receive an email with a link that will redirect you to our customer portal.

In our Customer portal, you will find information and details like:

  • Current Plan

    • In this section you can check your active subscriptions.

    • if there are any outstanding invoices you will find a button Pay amount due.

    • you will also be able to cancel your subscriptions using Cancel plan button.

  • Payment Method

    • in this section you will be able to update your payment method

  • Billing and Shipping information

    • here you can update information like: Name, Address, Phone number, Tax ID.

      *Note: these changes will be reflected only on our payment system

  • Invoice history

    • here you can check your invoice history

    • clicking on the date it will redirect you to the Payment page

If you will need help with this please email and we will assist you. 

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