How to add products to your Store

1. Go to your store's control panel, and click on the Catalog option in the top menu.

2. In the sub menu - make sure you have Products selected

3. You can upload products individually, or import a list of products from your computer.

How can I move all products from one category to another?

There are two possible ways:

1. If you want to re-arrange many products, the best way is to import them with new parameters.

2. The other way is as follows:

  • go to the Catalog → Categories page
  • find the necessary category in the left panel, click it, then open the "Category products" tab.
  • press the "Remove all" button; the products will be removed from this category, however the products themselves will not be removed.
  • then go to the "Category products" tab of the destination category, press "Add products" and add all necessary products at once there.

How can I add the "delivery date" option to my products?

You need to use the "product options"feature and the "Date Picker" option type.

How can I add the "gift message" option?

Use the "text field" and the "text area" option types in "product options".

How can I remove the the decimal place from product prices?

If you want to to omit decimals in product prices, then you should:

  • open the "Settings → General → Formats and Units" page in your control panel;
  • enable the "Hide trailing zeros in fractional part" option

After that all trailing zeros in fractional part will be removed. So for example $40,00 will be displayed as $40

If a product price/order total has fractional part/decimals (e.g. $40,57) then it will be always displayed to show the exact cost to customer.

Please note, that the fractional part is removed automatically, if your currency doesn't have it at all. For example, Yen. If you use such a currency, then it isn't necessary to enable the "Hide trailing zeros in fractional part" option.

Will you notify me when my products are low or out of stock?

Yes. We will notify you, if you enable this option for your products. In order to enable it, please open the product for editing, click the "Manage" link in the Stock Control section and set the value of the "Send me a note when quantity in stock reaches:" field.

Important note: if a product has unlimited quantity, then it will be always in stock, so no notifications will be sent.

Can I set the weight for less than 1 pound / 1 kg ?

Yes, it is of course possible. You should convert weight to a decimal ratio of the pound/kg in order to use less than one pound/kg. For example:

1 ounce = 0.06 pounds

15 ounces = 0.94 pounds

Please do not forget the zero before the dot, otherwise you will see a warning:

.94 — incorrect value

0.94 - correct value

How to add a video to your product description?

Our editor can define which type of a link you add (to a video, an image, etc.) and acts accordingly – it displays a video, an image, etc. To add a video to product description, do the following:

  • Upload your video file to YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Copy the link to the uploaded video from the browser address bar.
  • Log into your control panel. Go to Catalog > Products > click on a product for which you want to add a video.
  • Paste the link in the Description field. The editor will recognise that it is the link to the video and will display the video.
  • Save the changes.

How to show that a product has free shipping?

Showing free shipping signs on product or checkout pages is a great incentive for customers to purchase a product. To make sure the product has free shipping, go to: Control Panel > Products > Select a product > Go to Tax and Shipping tab > Specify "Shipping freight" as "Free".

Now, to show customers that these products have free delivery, use the following options:

  • Update the product image to add a free shipping note or a badge

To do that, first find a small icon or image that you wish to use. Then get your product image that you uploaded earlier and edit it in any image editor to add that icon to the product image. After that, update product image for that product.

How to sort your products?

You can sort products in your store by:

1. Order defined by store owner.

2. Date added.

3. Price (low to high, high to low).

4. Name (A to Z, Z to A).

In order to set the default products sort order, go to the Settings → General → Cart page and modify the Default Products Sort Order setting.

If the Defined by store owner option is selected, your customers will see products in the same order as you specify them on the Catalog → Categories page:

  • Go to the Catalog → Categories.
  • Click the necessary category.
  • Go to the "Category products" tab.
  • Drag and drop the products to sort them.
  • Save the changes.

If any other option is specified, then it will be used as a default sort order. However customers will be able to set the sort order they want.

What are Product Options?

Product options enable you to give a possibility for customers to choose some properties of a purchased item (e.g. size, color or gift pack).

Learn more about how to use Product Options HERE.

How can I add a file to a product, so my customers can download it?

There are two possible options.

1. You sell a file and it should be accessible only for the customer who purchased it. (e-books, photos, music and other e-goods)

Use the "Files" tab on the product details page to upload a file. The customer will get a link to it as soon as the order status is set to Accepted. More information about this feature: E-goods

2. A file should be accessible for all customers. (For example instructions for product)

  • upload your file to any hosting. if you don't have one, you can use Dropbox: it's free
  • add a link to this file to your product's description using HTML editor.

How can I upload multiple images for a single product?

Each product can have one main image and any number of additional detailed images. The thumbnails of the detailed images are shown below the right panel below "Add to cart" button on the product page.

1. Go to your Control Panel > Catalog > Choose your desired product

2. Open Gallery tab and upload all your images. They will be shown on the product details page.

When a customer opens a product page, he/she sees the thumbnails of all additional images. When any thumbnail is clicked, your store shows a popup with a bigger image. All images are automatically resized to fit the size of the customer`s browser window which allows to see the whole image without the need to scroll the page.

If the customer clicks a re-sized image, the image will be displayed in a new browser tab in its original size. If the image already fits the browser window it will not be resized.

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