1. Go to https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins - If you do not have a developers account you’ll be able to easily open one using your current facebook account.

2. Select your desired plugin 

3. Select the Web option for your desired plugin

4. Scroll down to the Like Button Configurator section. In this window configure your like/ share buttons.

Make sure to switch the “URL lto like” to your site’s URL 


5. After configuring the buttons correctly select the “get code” option. A window will appear. Choose the Javascript SDK option.

6. go back to Webydo and drag in a the HTML Element.

7. Paste BOTH sections of code into the Webydo widget’s code window on the right side panel. press “update”

8. Make sure that the widget box is a little bigger than the content so you do not get scrollbars.

9. Publish to test.

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