When verifying the website with google webmaster tools please:

  1. Copy your site's URL and go to the Google Webmaster Tools homepage. Assuming you have a domain connected to your Webydo site, use your non-www domain. For example: If your domain is "www.mysite.com" - use "mysite.com".

2. Set your non-www domain as your leading domain in your Webydo dashboard.

3. Click Add Property and paste your site's URL.

4. After adding the site's Url, you'll see the verification methods.

5. Select the HTML tag optionĀ 

6. This is the meta-tag code - copy only what's between the two quotation marks.

7. Go to your Webydo dashboard, open the site's settings and select the Services tab.

8. Paste the code you have copied into the "webmaster tool" field and click Save.

9. Go into the site's editing and publish it.

10. After publishing the site - right click on it and select Inspect Element.

11. Run a search in the site's code- on the google webmaster tools code that you have entered.

12. Go back to google webmaster tools, click Verify - and your'e done!

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