The first think you will need to do is setup all your Anchor Links.
You can check out this article for help: The Anchor Link Feature

Now that you have your Anchor Links created - we can create links to them using a URL. Please follow these instructions:

  1. Publish your site and navigate to the page you’d like to link to
  2. Find the target element you’d like to use as an anchor link and highlight it
  3. Right-click your mouse and select “Inspect Elements” (Chrome & Firefox) and find the element name (div ID), separated by quotation marks from the code. A typical name would be innerImage45__Image45, innerText32__Text32 etc.
  4. Create a new Url combining the page full URL followed by # and the div ID. A typical URL would be
  5. Add link to your menu, define it as “External Link” and link it to the URL you have created

You can also watch this Weby'nar:

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