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Managing Domains.
Connecting a domain - Hover
Connecting a domain - Hover

Learn how to connect your Hover domain to a Webydo site using the DNS settings.

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When you create a site, Webydo automatically assigns it a name, which appears in the Site Title parameter of the Settings dialog box (a name similar to site9260363). This is your site’s internal sub-domain name in Webydo. 

When you are ready to open the website to the public, you should attach it to a domain of your own. Note: attaching a domain name is only possible if you have a plan purchased.

Step 1: Add the Domain to Webydo Site Settings

1. Access Webydo's Dashboard and then click the + Add A Domain button for the site.

2. This will open Site Settings on the Domain & Email Tab.

3. Click the Add a New Domain button: 

4. Write your domain name in the input field that just appeared and click Continue.

5. Repeat this step until all domains are added. Be sure that you add every domain in twice. Once with and once without www

6. Our system will automatically check to make sure your DNS settings are connected properly. 

7. If your Status is "Waiting for domain registrar connection" this means you need to modify your domain's settings. 

8. If your status is "Domain Registrar Connection Successful" then your domain is connected properly, and you can skip to Step 3.

Step 2: Modifying your GoDaddy DNS Settings

2. Your dashboard will load and open on your account overview page

3. Click the DNS option in the menu 

4. This will open the DNS manager where you can view, edit or add new records

6. Check your list for an "A" Record with @ as it's name, and click the edit button.

7. If this record does not exist, add a new record.

8. Fill in the following details and click Save:

Record Type: A
Hostname: @
IP Address:
TTL: Default (15 minutes)

9. Check your list for a "CNAME" type record with the Hostname  "www". If visible click Edit. If you do not see it click Add A Record
(Hover does not have this by default, so it's most likely not there.)

10. Fill in the following details and click Add Record:

Hostname: www
Target Name:
TTL: Default (15 Minutes) 

11. You will notice an A-record with * as the Host value. This is used for leading domains. You can leave it as is, or also update it to
We recommend updating it, as you are already in the settings. 

Step 3: Publish your Site

1. Close Hover and go back to your Webydo Dashboard. 

2. The link icon and status should automatically now show the domain is connected. 

3. Close site settings, and click Edit Site to open your studio. 

4. Click PUBLISH in the top right corner - and your site will now be live on your domain!

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