When using the basic anchor link feature, anchor names in the code are based off the DIV ID - which is default and automatically generated. 

When linking to an anchor on another page in your website, you must use the URL version of the anchor link - which can look ugly. 

Here is how to create your own DIV and give your Anchor URL the name you want!

  1. Place an HTML element on your page

2. Paste in the following code - replacing the text between the quotes with your desired anchor link name - into the Properties panel in the top Insert Code section

<div id="whatever-you-want-to-call-it"> </div>

3. To link to this anchor add #whatever-you-want-to-call-it to the end of your page URL. 

Be sure to update the text based on the text you pasted into the HTML box. 

For example - if you paste in 

<div id="about"> </div>

Your anchor link will be domain.com#about or domain.com/page.html#about 

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