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How to set your Background
How to set your Background

Learn how to set a background for the whole website, by page, and by section.

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1. Whole Website

To set the background for the entire website - use Site Presets

It's located under Settings in your Webydo Studio. 

In the center of the Site Presets window are the "Page" settings - make sure to choose Background from the dropdown menu. 

Here you can upload a background image or set a background color for the entire website

1. Background for Single Page

To set the background for one page of your website - use the Design Panel

Your design panel may be hidden on the right side of your studio, click on the Icon to open the panel. You can also click and drag to keep the panel open. 

Once you have the panel on your page - click the background area of your site (any part of the website without any elements) and you will be able to edit your page background. 

3. A Section of a Page

To set the background for a single section on the page, use the Section Elements. 

These elements are fit to width shapes, you can find them in the Elements Panel

Use the Properties Panel to add images and the Design Panel to edit the fill or opacity of your section.

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