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Writing a GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy
Writing a GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy

What needs to be included in your privacy policy

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  1. The 3 main rules to follow for your Privacy Policy are: 

           a. Make your policy short and to the point, using simple language.
           b. You will need to place the policy in an easy to find location on your website                   (a link in the footer will do).
           c. it must be free of charge.

   2. Explain the use of their data. Describe what you are going to do with their data                once you collect it. For example, state whether you will be using it for marketing           purposes or sharing it with third parties. If you will be sharing the data with third           parties, be transparent. As long as you clearly state with whom you will be                     sharing data you collect and for what purpose, it is within the law to share                     information about individuals with auditors, social networks, customer service               vendors, and so on.

   3. Explain the use of cookies. If you use cookies for advertising in order to track                visitors’ interests and online habits, you will need to let your visitors know,                      preferably giving them an option to opt out.

  4. Explain the rights of the individual. You are required to explain what privacy rights        your visitors have. Their rights include the following:

  • They can request that their data be deleted or corrected

  • They can access the data a company has about them

  • They can request that their data be transferred to another party

  • They must give consent for their data to be used

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