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How do I add a cookie consent to my website?
How do I add a cookie consent to my website?

Alert visitors to the use of cookies on your website

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Cookies are considered personal data because they identify individuals. 

In order to comply with GDPR, your website is required to inform visitors of the cookies used by your website and receive consent to use certain types of cookies. You can do this by adding a Cookie Consent banner to your site.

Here is one site we found that provides code which is free and easy to embed into your Webydo sites:

  1. Create the look and position you prefer for your site through the "Configure" options.

2. When you are done, copy the code from the right hand side.

3. Now, go back into your Webydo studio and click on the "Pages" tab.

4. Mouse over any pages until the page options pop up. Click on the add code option 

5. Choose "Add code to all pages", paste your code into the HEAD section, and Save.

6. Publish your site and enjoy your new Cookie Consent banner :)

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