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How do I add PayJunction as a payment processor?
How do I add PayJunction as a payment processor?
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How to set up

In order to enable and use PayJunction hosted checkout service (QuickShop) as a payment option, please follow these steps:

1. In your Control Panel

  • Go to the "Settings → Payment" page. Change the "Payment Processor" value of the "Credit Card" payment method to "PayJunction".

  • Save the changes.

2. Then, you should log in to the PayJunction merchant administration area to obtain the Store ID value.

  • Click on "Gateway", or "Gateway Overview", in the top menu of your PayJunction account.

  • Go to "Option #1: QuickShop - Hosted Checkout", you will see your QuickShop login listed under the field named "Store ID".

3. After that, you should return to the control panel.

  • Go to the "Settings → Payment" page.

  • Click the "[Account Details]" link near the PayJunction payment method.

  • Enter the PayJunction store ID value to the corresponding field.

  • Save the changes and enable this payment method.


How to test

You can enable the test mode to test the payment. To do that you should enable the "Enable test mode (no charges)" option on the PayJunction payment method configuration page ("Settings → Payment → [Account Details]" link near the PayJunction payment method) and use the following test store ID value: pj-qs-01

You can also access the testing PayJunction environment on this address: using the following merchant credentials:

  • Username: payjunctiondemo

  • Password: demo123

Transactions ran on this account go through a test processor, so there is no need to void or otherwise cancel transactions. However, for further safety, please use the special card numbers 4433221111223344 or 4444333322221111 (CVV 999) and keep transaction amounts below $4.00 when testing.

Also note, transactions ran for an amount between $0.00 and $1.99 will likely result in denial. To demonstrate approvals, please use amounts equal to and over $2.00.


PayJunction accepts payments only in USD.


Please note that due to PayJunction hosted checkout service (QuickShop) limitations, the following issues should be taken into account:

1. On a payment gateway side, the shopping cart content should not be modified via the "Edit" button in sections "Your Items" and "Order Summary". Otherwise, customers would be charged extra amount.

2. The whole order is represented as a single product in PayJunction shopping cart with the cost equals to the order total amount (including tax, shipping cost and discount amount). Unfortunately, PayJunction hosted checkout service shows the "Tax" and "Shipping" fields even if they are not actually used.

3. The "Continue Shopping" link currently redirects users to the previous page in web browser History. Unfortunately, it is impossible to set the URL for this link, so it could be incorrect in some cases. So, in this case the "Continue Shopping" link can be removed. To do that the following steps should be taken:

  • Within the PayJunction account, go to "Gateway" → "Gateway Overview".

  • Within "Option #1 - QuickShop: Hosted Checkout", you will see the options / links to manage the QuickShop store. Click the "Settings" link.

  • Find the "Return to Site Text" field. You will see "Continue Shopping" listed in the field. You can completely remove it.

  • Click "Save".

4. PayJunction hosted checkout service does not seem to handle non-latin characters correctly in billing and shipping details under some conditions. So, billing details containing such symbols are not passed to PayJunction.

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