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How do I add e-Path as a payment processor?
How do I add e-Path as a payment processor?
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What is e-Path?

e-Path is a manual credit card payment gateway that allows you to accept credit cards and charge them into your virtual terminal, EFTPOS terminal or smart phone/tablet card charging app.

e-Path does not transact credit cards "live" and blindly on the open Internet without you knowing like "real time" online payment processing gateways do. e-Path temporarily stores credit card authorisations in a highly encrypted state until they are retrieved by the business owner for processing offline, after which those credit card details are deleted and no longer stored by e-Path.

The transaction is performed by the business owner entering card details into their own credit card processing facility so its a manual process.

When you use e-Path to accept credit cards via your store you are PCI-DSS compliant online because e-Path gateway is handling credit card data online.

e-Path is a worldwide service.

How to set up e-Path

1. Sign up for e-Path account:

2. You will get a special e-Path URL, unique for you only.

3. Go to Ecwid control panel→ Settings → Payment.

4. Select the E-Path payment processor for the Credit Card payment method. Save the changes.

5. Click the e-Path`s "Account details" link. Enter your unique address (URL) of your secure e-Path payment page and save the changed again.

e-Path Merchant Requirements:

1. Have a credit card processing facility (virtual terminal, EFTPOS machine,
card charging app etc)
2. Be "MOTO" approved by your merchant account bank/card processing facility
More details:

Apply for e-Path account:

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