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How do I add Beanstream as a payment processor?
How do I add Beanstream as a payment processor?
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How to set up

In order to enable and use BeanStream Hosted Payment Form as a payment option, please follow these steps:

1. In your Control Panel

  • Go to the "Settings → Payment" page. Change the Payment Processor value of the "Credit Card" payment method to "Beanstream Hosted Payment Form". Save the changes.

2. In Beanstream merchant administration area

  • Go to the "administration → account settings → order settings" page.

  • Select "Use hash validation against transaction".

  • Enter your "Hash key", at least 8 characters. Then select Hash Algorithm: MD5.

  • Click "Update" to save the changes.

  • Go to the "administration → company info" page. Copy your Merchant ID. Save it somewhere.

3. Return to your control panel.

  • Go to the "Settings → Payment" page.

  • Click the "[Account Details]" link near the BeanStream payment method.

  • Set your Merchant ID.

  • Enter your Hash key

  • Transaction Type: Select from 'Purchase only' and 'Pre-Authorization only'. In most cases 'Purchase only' is used.

  • Save the changes and enable this payment method.


1. New merchants receive login information and merchant ID numbers for accounts that are in “test” mode. Transactions processed through the test environment are free of charge. You should contact Beanstream to switch your account to the "live" mode.

2. Test Card Numbers

Use the following card numbers to emulate the full transaction process in the test environment. These card numbers are not valid for live accounts. Use an expiry date that is equal to or later than the current month and year.

Visa - Use CVD/CVV code “123

  • Approved - 4030000010001234

  • Approved $100 Limit - 4504481742333

  • Approved VBV - 4123450131003312 with VBV passcode 12345

  • Declined - 4003050500040005

MasterCard - Use CVD/CVV code “123

  • Approved - 5100000010001004

  • Approved - 5194930004875020

  • Approved - 5123450000002889

  • Approved 3D Secure - 5123450000000000 passcode 12345

  • Declined - 5100000020002000

American Express - Use CVD/CVV code “1234”

  • Approved - 371100001000131

  • Declined - 342400001000180 - Discover - Use CVD/CVV code “123”

  • Approved - 6011500080009080

  • Declined - 6011000900901111

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