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How do I set up email notifications for my store?
How do I set up email notifications for my store?
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You and your customers can receive email notifications about new orders, payment status updates and other useful information.

Setting up email notifications

You can adjust your email notifications preferences at Control Panel > Settings > Mail.

Here you can manage the following settings:

  • Enable/Disable the notifications of certain types

  • Change the “From:” email address for customers’ notifications

  • Upload your logo to be displayed in the notifications

Notification types

Admin notifications

  • New Order Placed. Sent to admin when an order is placed. This email contains information about order items, shipping and billing details.

  • Low Stock Notification. This message is automatically sent to you when a product in your store has reached a low stock limit.

Customer notifications

  • Order Confirmation. Sent to customer after successful order placement to acknowledge its receipt. This email contains information about order items, shipping, billing, and order status.

  • Order Status Changed. Sent when the order’s status changes to inform the customer about the progress of order fulfilment.

  • Order Shipped. Sent when a tracking number to the order is assigned or when the order’s status is changed to “Shipped” to notify the customer that the purchased items are on their way.

  • Successful Registration. Sends a welcome e-mail to customer when they've successfully registered in your store.

  • Password Reminder. Sent when a customer make a request to restore their password.

  • Download e-goods. Sent to customer when the order’s status is changed to “Accepted” and their digital order is ready for download.

How to edit notifications

You can edit the layout and content of email notifications using an HTML template. There is a lot of data (e.g. order total, customer’s name, etc.) that can be added to the template with help of special variables.


Can I use multiple email addresses for order notifications?

Yes, the store admin can receive order notifications to more than one email addresses. You can set it up in your control panel, Settings > Mail > Mail settings. Click 'Change' button and add the addresses into "Send notifications to" field. You should submit email addresses separated by comma:

All the admin notifications will be sent out to the email addresses submitted in this field.

Can I change "From" address in admin notifications?

At present there is no way to change this address.

However, if you would like to contact your customers quickly by email, you can do that easily by replying to these notifications:

Each email contains a hidden field “reply to”, where e-mail address of the customer is set. If you click to reply to this notification, this very customer’s email address will be automatically put as a recipient email. This allows administrator to reply to the customer directly from the store's notification message.

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