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How do I set up related products in my store?
How do I set up related products in my store?
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Sometimes products that are sold separately just supplement each other so better to buy them together. Or you need to promote certain products and want your customers to buy more items. In either case related products feature will be a perfect solution for you.

Design-Editor allows displaying related items on product details page and on the shopping bag page.

Related products on product details page.

You can add related items to a product at Design-Editor control panel, Catalog > Products > product page > tab “Related Products”.

You have three ways to display related items:

1. To show specific products as related ones. Click ‘Add products’ button to assign related products.

2. To display random products from a category. ‘Any’ option will enable randomly selected items from the whole store.

3. Both certain items and random items from categories.

The chosen related products will be displayed on the product details page under ‘You May Also Like’ section.

Related products on the bag page.

Customer didn’t add or missed a related item from the product details page? No problem, you can remind about it on the shopping bag page. Section ‘You May Also Like’ will appear on the bag page and list the related items specified for the products added to the bag.

To enable these related products, go to Design-Editor control panel, Settings > General > Cart > section ‘Related products’.

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