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Swiftype is a hosted search solution that lets site owners deliver powerful, customizable search for their website or mobile app with just a few lines of code. Built on top of a highly refined search algorithm to deliver superior relevance upon installation, Swiftype also gives site owners the tools to precisely control search through a user-friendly dashboard.
 Note that the basic functions are free. For more advanced options purchase a Swiftype Search plan.

Step 1: Drag and Drop the Swiftype plugin.
 Step 2: Add your "Swiftype Engine Key".
 Step 3: Paste the key in the studio.
 Step 4: Swiftype settings.
 Step 5: Publish Your Site.

Step 1: Drag and Drop the Swiftype plugin.

From the elements left panel, open the "Plugins" Dropdown, and drag and drop the "Swiftype Search" plugin into your canvas.

Step 2: Add your "Swiftype Engine Key".

If you already have an active account, you can add your "Swiftype Engine Key" in the "Properties Panel".
Click the "Manage" icon in the "Properties Panel".

To find your "Swiftype Engine Key", go to the Swiftype dashboard. You can access it from anywhere in Swiftype website by clicking the Swiftype icon. In the dashboard, click the relevant search engine (you can have more then one for multiple websites.).

Finally, copy your Engine Key from the bottom right of the page.

Paste the key in the studio.
Back in the Studio, paste the key in the designated field in the Properties Panel.


Step 4:  Swiftype settings.

In the "Properties Panel", click on "Manage" to view the Swiftype dashboard.

Create a Swiftype account or login if you have one.
To start, click "Create a search engine".
Insert the URL of the website you wish to add the searchbox to. If you don't know the URL, publish the site and copy the address.
Next, give it a name and click "Create Engine".

Step 5: Publish Your Site.

Publish your site to use your search engine (it won't work on the Studio or the preview page.).

Note that Swiftype Search takes a while to crawl your website, so don't be alarmed if the search give little results immediately after setting up.

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