PayLeap is a secure platform providing comprehensive payment platform that delivers a full suite of secure payment capabilities. At the moment PayLeap payment option is available for merchants from the US and Canada. Visit the company website to learn more:

One of the greatest things about with PayLeap is that after the setup is finished your customers can place orders without leaving checkout pages.

How to set up PayLeap in your store

  • Open your Control Panel.

  • Go to the "Settings → Payment" page. Change the Payment Processor value of the "Credit Card" payment method to "PayLeap"

  • Click “Account Settings”

  • Enter your PayLeap account credentials: API Login ID, API transaction key, Vendor Number.

NOTE: You will find the API Login ID, API transaction key, Vendor Number in your Payleap account:

  • Go to the "Merchant User menu -> Preferences -> Create Transaction Key" page

  • Copy the API Login ID value

  • Click Submit to generate an API transaction key

  • In the “Merchant User menu -> Preferences -> Edit Personal Info

  • Copy the Vendor Number value

Insert the values to Account Details in the control panel and save the changes.

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