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How do I set up Social Share Buttons for my products?
How do I set up Social Share Buttons for my products?
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Share buttons

Social networks, such as Facebook, have proven to be a great viral source for new customers – people love to share new things with their friends. Along with the most popular Facebook 'Like' button, The Store also has these additional share buttons.

You can enable and use them in your store extremely easy: just log in to your control panel and open the “System Settings → Social Tools → Share buttons” page. Such buttons encourage your customers to share your items more, this in turn will get you more visitors and sales.


Why the sharing buttons on the product details page are hidden by default?

By default, the only 'Share' link under the product options panel is visible when a product page is opened. The enabled sharing buttons on the product details page appear when a customer mouses over that 'Share' link. After the mouse leaves the sharing panel, the panel disappears in few seconds.

Is there a way to track Facebook likes and unlikes in a my store?


First: Enable Facebook like buttons in your store settings

Second: Set up Google Analytics for your store. Control Panel → Settings→ General → Store Profile page, "Google Analytics Id" option.

Third: Track likes and unlikes under the 'Traffic sources→Social→Plugins' section in your Google Analytics backend:

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