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How do I add a check box with terms and conditions to the checkout?
How do I add a check box with terms and conditions to the checkout?
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You can ask your customers to agree with your store’s terms and conditions before they can proceed to the checkout process.

If this feature is enabled the customer will need to check a box agreeing to the terms and conditions of your store before purchasing anything from you. However it isn’t just a boring checkbox as other e-commerce stores have. Our team always goes the extra mile to make sure each implemented feature will be the best in its class — and this one isn’t an exception. It has two cool little details:

  • Your store will automatically warn the customer by highlighting the terms and conditions checkbox area when the customer mouse’s over the “Checkout” button.

  • If a customer presses the “Checkout” button without agreeing with your terms, your checkout will show an error in a really cool way. No more boring error popups or messages.

Properly written “Terms and Conditions” protect your online business because if a problem arises, having terms and conditions will help resolve that problem in your favor. So we recommend all merchants to enable it.

The “Terms and Conditions” can be enabled on the “System Settings → General → Cart → Legal pages” page.

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