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How do I add comments or notes to my products?
How do I add comments or notes to my products?

Request additional info from your customers on the checkout and add private admin notes to the orders to optimize the order processing.

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Order Comments

In some cases you may need to get some extra information from your customers before checkout. It might be:

  • a general comment or instruction to the order

  • additional information about a recipient

  • a gift note some specific details that your customer would like to add like preferred delivery time

  • any message depending on the specifics of your store

Order Comments tool enables customers to enter their comments for an order on checkout. These comments will be available in order details on “Sales” page of Ecwid control panel. “Order comments” box is enabled on the Settings → General → Cart page → Order comments section.

You can name the comments field according to your needs and/or make it a required field:

Admin Order Notes

Admin Order Notes are internal notes visible to store manager that can be added during the order processing. They can be:

  • some additional information on the order the customer let you know after the order was placed, like preferred delivery date and time or any extra information on the order

  • notes to other store managers in case other admins are involved in the order processing

  • tips that may help improve processes like customer's feedback or reason for refund or order cancellation

You can leave internal note to any order using the mobile apps for iOS and Android and on Sales → Orders → Order details page:

Later you can sort the orders by the notes to make order processing faster:

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