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Wufoo Form Plugin
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Wufoo is a third party plugin that allows you to create contact forms, online surveys and invitations.

Note that the basic functions are free. For more advanced options purchase a Wufoo plan.

  1.  Drag and drop the Wufoo Form icon to your canvas.

  2. Insert the form to the studio.

  3. Complete the process in the Studio.

  4. Create a form.

  5. Publish.

Step 1: Drag and drop the Wufoo Form icon to your canvas.

In the Elements Panel, under the Plugins dropdown, you can find the Wufoo Form icon.
 Drag it to the canvas and place it where you wish your form to be.

For now, the bounding box presents a placeholder until we insert a form in it.

Step 2: Insert the form to the studio.

If you already have an account an a form ready, to insert it in the studio you will need two things: Your username and the form’s Hash.

Click Share.

Go to API Information.

All copy your Hash from the bottom of the page, and your username, if you forgot - appears in the URL on top as well as in your account details.

Step 3: Complete the process in the Studio.

Now you’ll need to type in your username and paste the Form Hash in the correct fields in the Properties Panel.

You should immediately see your form on the canvas.

Step 4: Create a form.

In the Properties Panel, click the Manage icon.

A manage window will open up and now you log in or create an account.

The basic functions in Wufoo are free, go ahead and create a form with the "New Form" button.

Now you can create your customized form, add different types of fields, edit them, delete and add more.

When you are done give your form a name, and click “Save Form”.

Next, setup an email to receive notifications, fill in the email address and click “Save”.

Step 5: Publish.

To finish, Publish your site.

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