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How to add Bing Analytics to your website.
How to add Bing Analytics to your website.
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Step 1: Open a Bing Webmaster Tools account

You can open a free Bing Webmaster Tools account by going to the Bing Webmaster Tools sign-in or sign-up page.  All you need is a Microsoft account (formerly known as a Windows Live ID). If you have a Hotmail or account you likely already have a Microsoft account. If not, you can get an account for free here

Step 2: Add & Verify your website

Once you have a Bing Webmaster Tools account, you can add sites to your account. You can do so by entering the URL of your site into the Add a Site input box and clicking Add.

Next, you will need to verify that you are the owner of the website. There are two ownership verification methods that work with Webydo.

  • Option 1: Meta tag authentication: Copy the displayed <meta> tag with your personal verification code to the clipboard. Open your Webydo site, and use the Add Code feature to paste the code to the proper page (usually home). Save and publish your site.

  • Option 2: Add a CNAME record to DNS: This option requires access to your domain hosting account. Inside that account, edit the CNAME record to hold the provided verification code (a series of numbers and letters) we have provided you.  When done ensure the information is saved.

Once you have the verification code to your site or in your CNAME record, click Verify. If Bing Webmaster Tools is able to verify your site, you will see a green checkmark at the top and a message saying that your domain is verified. If you see a red cross mark, please review the information in red at the bottom of the page for more information about why we couldn't verify the site.

Step 3: Create and upload your sitemaps

Webydo automatically creates the sitemap for you, once your site has been published. 

Your sitemap is your domain name followed by /sitemap.xml

On your main Dashboard page, you will find a section showcasing Sitemap-related information.  Just below this Sitemaps widget, click Submit a Sitemap, enter the URL of your sitemap in the input box, and click Submit.

Step 4: Create a Search Optimization Plan

Your Bing Webmaster Tools account makes starting a search optimization plan very easy. Inside Webmaster Tools, you will see two areas that will help you with this task: One can be found under Reports & Data and is called SEO Reports.  The second can be found under Diagnostics & Tools and is called SEO Analyzer.

SEO Reports will run automatically on any domain you have verified in your account every other week.  So roughly twice a month you’ll see fresh reports with suggestions about which items you should address for SEO.  If your domain has been verified only recently, you may need to wait a few days before seeing these reports. In contrast, SEO Analyzer is an on-demand tool which will scan a single page on-the-fly and prepares a SEO report for you within seconds.  You can use this tool immediately and as often as you like for all pages on your site.

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