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How To Include Text in Shape.
How To Include Text in Shape.
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This method allows you to place a Text element within a Shape element. This allows the shape to act as the text background.When the expand arrow  on the Text element is on, the shape element expands relatively to size of the text included in it. If it is off (click it to turned it off), the shape keeps its own size, acting as a container and hides the text that exceeds its size.

1. Select a Shape element and a Text element, and click Include.

The text now appears within the Shape element.

2. Select the Text element with a single click and reposition it within the Shape the way you want it to appear.

You can access the Text element and its properties, by double-clicking it.

The combined object has the tools and properties of the Shape element. You can take advantage of the fitting functions to create a filled top or bottom banner with some text on it.

When you select the combined object, the Exclude button becomes available to allow you to separate the two elements.

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