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How to add a Tidio Chat Plugin to your website?
How to add a Tidio Chat Plugin to your website?

Tidio is a third party chat plugin that allows you to add a chat window on your website and communicate with your visitors.

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Upon registration you get a free, 7-day trial. Notice that after the trial period you will be asked either to downgrade to a free version or subscribe for a paid plan.

Step 1: Drag and drop the Tidio Chat to the canvas.

In the Elements Panel, under the Plugins dropdown, you can find the Tidio Chat icon. 

Drag it to the canvas.

Note that the chat window will be pinned in the published site, and in the studio what you see is a mockup. Meaning, you can place it on the canvas anywhere, it will not appear there when publishing.

If you wish, you may hide the mockup from the canvas by marking this checkbox. To locate it once more, use the Layers Window. If you choose to hide, do it after you finish setting up.

Step 2: Create a Tidio account or log in to an existing one (if you have).

In the Properties Panel, Click the Manage Icon and a Tidio window will pop up. There you can create an account with Tidio or login if you already have one.

Step 3: Locate your public key.

To connect the chat to your site, you need the public key. 

If you already have an account, click the Manage icon in the Properties Panel.

Go to Settings, click the Developer tab and copy the key.

Step 4: Paste the Public Key in the Studio.

In the Studio, paste the Public Key in the designated field in the Properties Panel.

Step 5: Edit your chat.

After registering, you can customize the look of your chat in the appearance tab.

Step 6: Publish your site.

In the Studio, click publish, and see that the chat is working.

Step 7: Chat with your visitors.

In order to chat with the visitors, go back to the Tidio window or website and click the Visitors tab.

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