1. Click and drag the Google Search Plugin from the Plugins section of your Elements Panel. 

2. Go to the Google Custom Search Homepage, and create your custom search engine. ]

You can find the link in the Properties Panel.

3. Paste your site's URL in the "Sites to Search" box and click Create!

You can add any of the following:

Individual pages: www.example.com/page.html

Entire site: www.mysite.com/*

Entire domain: *.example.com

4. On the confirmation page, click the "Control Panel" button to find your ID Number. 

5. In the Basics Tab, next to the Details Section you will find the Search Engine ID button. 

5. Click the Search Engine ID button to reveal your ID Number. Copy this number. 

6. Go back to Webydo, and paste the ID number in your Properties Panel:

7. Use the Properties Panel to edit your design, and publish to test it out! 

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