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How to a create sub-pages in a menu
How to a create sub-pages in a menu

Learn how to create drop down pages in your menu element, also known as sub pages.

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Menu elements are directly related to your page structure in Pages & Navigation.

To create sub-pages in your menu, you need to set the sub-pages in your Pages & Navigation window. Here is how to do it:

1. lick on Pages in your top menu or the + icon next to your page tabs. 

2. This will open the Pages & Navigation window

3. Place your mouse over the crosshairs icon to select a page: click and drag to change it's position in the list. 

4. To create a sub-page click and drag so the page is indented

5. Your menu on the page will automatically update with your changes. (If you do not see it updated, please refresh the page)

6. You can use the properties panel to edit the design of your menu. 

Click Here to learn how to design the menu elements. 

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