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How to edit Page Settings
How to edit Page Settings
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Use the Page Setting functionalities to define specific properties like Page Title, SEO, Social Images and more.

1. Click the Pages link on the top menu or the Plus + button on the page tabs bar to open the Pages & Navigation window. 

2. Hover over the pages list and click the Page Setting icon.

3. The Page Settings window will open: 

4. You are able to edit all of the following:

Page Visibility
chooses who can view this page or if the page shouldn't even be published.

Page Title
changes the name of the page on the browser tab. This is also important for SEO

Page URL
changes the page address. Make sure to use lowercase letters and numbers only. If the URL has more than one word, separate the words using the dash. Use NOT Us.html

Page Image
allows you to upload an image to be used for social sharing. For example, the image displayed on Facebook when you share the link to your site. Use images that are at least 1200 x 630 pixels for the best display on high resolution devices. At the minimum, you should use images that are 600 x 315 pixels to display link page posts with larger images. Images can be up to 8MB in size.

Set the page as the home page of the site
allows you to switch the home page. If you want a new page to be the home page, open it's "Page Settings" and check this box. 

Display Page in Menu
allows you to turn off or on pages for your menu. If you uncheck this box, your page will be "Hidden" from the menu. 

Included In
enables you to move the page between menus if you have more than one menu. If you want a page included in more than one menu, leave the page in one of the menus and create a LINK to the page in the other menu.

Name In Menu
indicates the name that will appear in the navigation menu on the site.

Icon in Menu
allows you to upload icons to be displayed in your menu. Each page can have it's own unique icon for Normal state as well as Hover/Active State. Once you upload your own, it will override the default icons in the menu. 

5. Click OK to preserve your work.

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