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How to White-Label your Dashboard
How to White-Label your Dashboard

White-Label removes Webydo from the Site Code as well as the Studio and Publishing Domains.

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Webydo offers a White-Label solution for Team and Agency plans. 

Please feel free to send your CMS users to our White Labeled Knowledge Base in case they need any help with the studio. 

This can all be done within the My Branding section of your Dashboard.

How To Remove Webydo from Site Code

Check the box labeled "Remove "Webydo" references from the HTML code on published sites."

This will remove Webydo from the source code from all new sites in your account. 

How To Remove Webydo from Studio

Under the Custom Brand section, you can upload your own logo for the Dashboard and Login page. 

The Login page URL is for your CMS users to login, so they do not see 

To remove Webydo from this URL, replace the word Webydo with design-editor. 

For example:

* If you login to your own account from the URL will automatically be white-labeled. 

The Login Page they see, will look like this:

How To Remove Webydo from Publishing Domain

Request to change your Publishing Domain (also known as Leading Domain) at the bottom of the page. 

Click on the + Add A New Domain button and finish the request by clicking Send Request.

Shortly after submitting this, you will get an email confirming and requesting your details. 

We will set this up for you, if you prefer to set it up yourself that is fine as well. State that in your e-mail and we will send you the instructions. 

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