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Email Hosting through Google Apps
Email Hosting through Google Apps

Webydo offers the ability to add email hosting with your personal domain straight through the dashboard.

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To purchase Google Apps through Webydo please follow the steps below.

 On your Dashboard, click on the Settings Icon for the site you would like the email associated with. 



Choose the Domain & Email tab, and click the link located on the bottom right labeled "Purchase personalized email address".


Choose the amount of mailboxes you would like, choose your payment plan, accept the Terms & Conditions then click Order.



You will be redirected to a Payment Window.

Once your purchase is made, you will be redirected again to a form. Fill in your business and domain details and click submit. 


Within a business day of submitting your form, you will receive an email from

Please read this email, and verify all the information provided. (We must double check, as these details must be correct in order for the account to be created.)

You will also be requested to verify the domain. 


Once we receive the confirmation email back and have the domain verification details, your Google Apps account will be created and set-up for you.


You will receive an email with your login details as well as a new Terms & Conditions email from Google Apps directly. Once accepted your new email account will be up and running.

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