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How To Add 301 Page Redirections.
How To Add 301 Page Redirections.

You can add 301 Redirections to your site and migrate pages from old websites to your new Webydo site.

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A 301 page redirection tells both visitors and search engines that your original page is no longer relevant and redirects the user to your new web page.

1. Access Webydo's Dashboard and then click the website's Settings icon.


2. Under the Redirections tab, you can either click the + Add A New Redirection and add redirections manually or click Need assistance with Page Redirect?.

3. If you choose + Add A New Redirection:

  • Insert the Old Page URL, choose the Target Page you wish to replace it and click Add Path.

4. If you choose Need assistance with Page Redirect? you will be redirected to a new page where you will see three fields and and a Search button.

  • in the first field you should put your Website address, in the format:

  • the second field will be pre-filled with your site ID and it will display as read only.

  • the third field is a dropdown list from which you can select Page Name Separator, like hyphen, underscore or space.

  • Click on Search and you will get a list with Suggested pages that you can add 301 Page Redirection.

The added redirections will appear in the Site Settings - Redirections tab.

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