1. Access Webydo's Dashboard and then click the + New CMS User link, or on the website's Settings icon.

2. Under the CMS tab, fill the content manager’s details.

3. Select the type of capabilities this user will have from the dropdown field: 

Content Editing will enable the user to edit the CONTENT view of the studio. Content managers do not have access to design tools and to elements marked Non-Editable by CMS.

Full Design Abilities will enable the user to have the same exact privileges that you do in terms of designing their website.

4. Click Save to preserve your work.

Note: In order to enable your user to log into the site's editing, you can grab your own link from the My Branding tab on Dashboard or you can send them to design-editor.com.

When users access Webydo with the username and password defined here, they automatically land on the CMS Dashboard. The dashboard for both types of CMS users will be limited and will contain only necessary information. 

Please feel free to send your CMS users to our white-labeled knowledge base!

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