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The Revision History Feature.
The Revision History Feature.

The Revision History tool enables you to preview older versions of your website and recover the version you like best.

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With this feature you can go back in time endlessly, see who made changes to your website and when they did.

You also have the option to revert your site back to any version. Reverting your site does not eliminate other versions, since we auto-save everything for your convenience.

1. Click on the Revision History icon on the top bar.

2. Click the Timestamps in the Revision History panel on the left to see previous versions. You can see the full list by clicking "Show more detailed history"

3. To revert your site to the version you're currently viewing click Restore This Version.

4. To exit this mode and continue working on your current version click the X icon or the Back To Studio button located in the top bar.

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