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How do I add a header to my website?
How do I add a header to my website?

The Header of your site is the area that runs across the top of your page and usually appears on all pages in your site.

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The Header usually contains a banner, logo and your navigation bar. 

To create your Header, all you need to do is build it using the Webydo elements.

1. Start by bringing in a Section Element, to set the color or image of your Header.

2. You can use the Design Panel to edit the color of your Section, or the Properties Panel to add/replace the image. 

3. Drag in an Image Element to bring in your Logo 

4. Select your Logo, and Link it to your Home Page through the Properties Panel

5. Drag in a Menu Element for your Navigation

6. Use the Properties Panel to edit the design of your Menu, or to select a different menu from your Pages & Navigation.  

If you would like your Header to be "Pinned" right click each element in your Header and select "Pin Position".

(Pinned is the term for setting an element to stick to it's location, The element will remain in it's Pixel Perfect location when you scroll)


Once you "Pin" an element, it will get set as the TOP layer in your site. So if you Pin your Section, don't be alarmed if your Menu and Logo disappear behind the banner. 

As soon as you also Pin the Logo and Menu they will be moved to the top. If they are already Pinned, use the Arrange buttons in the Design Panel to send them forward. 

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