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My site is "Not Active", how can I bring it back?
My site is "Not Active", how can I bring it back?
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You can set your site to "Active" from your dashboard. 

1. Click on the settings icon for the site you want to activate

2. Your Site Settings will open

3. Click on the "Active" button on the lower left corner to bring your site back online. 

4. Click "Save" to update your changes

5. Once you've set your site to active, click the button "edit site" to enter the studio

6. Once in your studio move any element 1px and then back again in order to trigger the automatic save function on the platform. When you see the blue check symbol, publish your site and it will be active once again

The site may take up to 10 minutes to reactivate. If for some reason it takes longer please contact our customer service department and they will be happy to assist you

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