How do I save my work?
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Webydo automatically saves your work after each change. In the top right corner of your Studio, you will see a check mark confirming that your work was saved. 

Highlight your mouse over the mark, to see when the site was last saved. 

When I hover over the Checkmark, it's showing "NAN". What does this mean? 

This message means that your work was not saved due to an error. 

Please try the following: 

  1. In order for Webydo to save, you must be connected to the internet. Please check your router and make sure you are properly connected. 

  2. If you are connected, and it's still not saving, try moving a different element on the page. This should force a save of the studio. 

  3. Publish your site, and check the live site for your changes. 

If your changes are still not saving, please contact the support department immediately by opening a ticket from your Dashboard. 

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