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Meet Webydo's Dashboard.
Meet Webydo's Dashboard.

Learn how to use the Dashboard, your main control panel for all your websites.

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The Dashboard is the main control panel of your websites. Here you can create a new website, view existing sites ,manage your sites, control their settings, run a search among your websites and get help from our support team..

My Sites

Here you can view your current Websites. 

Use the Search bar to find specific sites. 

Use the navigation at the bottom of the page to scroll through all of your sites. 

Use the settings icons to edit your specific sites. These settings include, attaching a domain as well as duplicating or deleting your site. 

This icon allows you to see your inbox. This is where all form data gets sent. 

This icon allows you to view your most recent publish. 

This icon will duplicate your website.

This icon will delete your website. There will be a warning message to make sure you want to delete, always double check that you are deleting the correct site. As once the site is deleted we cannot bring it back for you. 

Get help from our support team


My Branding

Under this tab you are able to set up your custom branded interface. 

Upload your own logo's as well as set up your Leading Domain, remove Webydo from your HTML code and allow your CMS users to connect Domains/SSL on their own. 

My Account

Here you are able to edit your account's Email and Password, as well as manage your billing details.

You are also able to add TEAM members to your main account. 


Share your website designs and embed the code to allow others to create a new website under your own account. 

My Pricing Plan

View your current plan, as well as your renewal date. 

Here you will also be able to upgrade to your account or check our plans for Store.
*Note: If you want to downgrade, you should contact our support team.

Help & Support

Reach out to our support department for any questions or concerns.

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