The Design Panel.

Learn how to edit the design of your elements.

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When selecting each element in the system, you'll find all the editing abilities on the Design Panel. Each element has specific properties that can be edited only in that panel. This article will regard the general properties that can be edited on all elements.

Position and Arrangement.

Use the X and Y properties to set the exact position of the element on your canvas.

Use the W and H properties to set the exact width and height of the element. 

You can also change the position, width and height also by dragging the element handles, and set the position by dragging the element to the desired place on the canvas.

Click the Arrange buttons to push the element up or down in the order of elements, and enable you to set one element on top of the other.

Note: arrangement can only happen within the elements of the same layer and same type. For example, one can not arrange a pinned element under a regular one.

Fill, Stroke and Shadow.

Use the Fill section to set the fill colour of your element. You can decide on a gradient fill or change the opacity of the fill as well. 

The Image option can be used to upload an image into the element box. You can control the images size and position in relation to the element box.

The Scroll with Page option (for Shape or Section elements) allows you to decide if the element scrolls with your page as normal or remains static while scrolling

In the Stroke section you can control the type and width of the element's border. You can control the border for all sides, or for each side individually.

You can also set a Corner Radius for all corners or for each corner individually.

If you'd like to add a Shadow effect to your element you can use this section to set the colour, opacity, size and position of the shadow.

You can decide between an outer or an inner shadow, or use a light coloured shadow to create a glow effect.

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