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How do I add SSL to my site?
How do I add SSL to my site?

Learn how to add a Webydo SSL certificate to your website

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1. Access Webydo's Dashboard and then click the + Add A Domain button for the site.

2. This will open Site Settings on the Domain & Email Tab.

3. Click on the Domain to reveal it's settings or add the domain to the list.

4. In order to add SSL, your domain must be connected to our server properly. (Skip to step 7, if your domain is connected)

If Status is "Waiting for domain registrar connection" you must connect your domain

5. Choose your Domain Registrar from the dropdown list and click View Instructions. 

Follow the directions exactly, to connect your domain to our server. 

6. Once done, return to your Webydo Domain Settings and the Status will update automatically.

7. Click Generate SSL to automatically add SSL to your domain. 

8. Once the SSL is connected, the Lock icon will close and turn green confirming your now secure website. 

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