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Anchor Links to Another Page
Anchor Links to Another Page

The basic anchor link feature will only work if the anchor is on the current page. This teaches you how to link to anchors on another page.

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The first think you will need to do is setup all your Anchor Links. 

There are 2 ways to do this. 

1. Use the built in basic Anchor Link Feature

a. Place a shape on your canvas

b. Right click and select " Set as Anchor Link "

c. Publish the website

d. Find the target element you’d like to use as an anchor link and highlight it (this is the same element you previously set as an anchor)

e. Right-click your mouse and select “Inspect Elements” (Chrome & Firefox) and find the element name (div ID), separated by quotation marks from the code. A typical name would be innerShape1389__Shape1389, innerText32__Text32 etc.

f. Create a new Url combining the page full URL followed by # and the div ID. A typical URL would be

You can also watch this Weby'nar for help:

2. Use the HTML element and name your own anchors

a. Place an HTML element on your page

b. Paste in the following code - replacing the text between the quotes with your desired anchor link name - into the Properties panel in the top Insert Code section

<div id="whatever-you-want-to-call-it">

c. To link to this anchor add #whatever-you-want-to-call-it to the end of your page URL. 

Be sure to update the text based on the text you pasted into the HTML box. 

For example - if you paste in 

<div id="about">

Your anchor link will be or if the link is on an inside page

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