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Adding Code to your Site
The HTML and Iframe Elements.
The HTML and Iframe Elements.
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Use the HTML & Iframe Elements to add external components to your website.

HTML displays, within a window cut into your webpage, the result of any HTML code.

In the Code property (located in the Properties Panel), type or paste the HTML code (just simple, basic HTML). The result is displayed within the HTML box. 

Edit the size of the box by clicking and dragging from the corners, be sure to leave some extra space around your embedded element. This will prevent scrollbars from appearing once your site is published. 

This is the best option to display all social widgets on your site: google maps , facebook like, share and comments, twitter feeds and etc.

iFrame -An iFrame (Inline Frame) is a window cut into your webpage. It allows your visitors to view another page through it. You can use iFrames to embed interactive applications such as Google Maps or e-commerce tools. In the Site URL property box, enter the address of the page you want to display within the inline frame.

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