The Add Code Featue.

You can easily add your own code to any section of your page or your entire website.

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The Add Code feature gives you full control of your site by allowing you to insert and edit code, as well as embed widgets that need additional code in different sections of a page. You may also add code to your site’s CSS.

1. Click the Pages link on the top menu or the Plus + button on the page tabs bar to open the Pages & Navigation window. 

2. Hover over the pages list and click the Add Code icon.

3. In the Add Code window tabs bar choose between Add Code to Page and Add Code to all Pages options. Through these two tabs you can apply changes to single page or to all pages at once.

4. Use one of the text-boxes to insert code to the page sections. You may also add your own CSS in the relevant section.

5. Save and Publish to view your active code.

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