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The Text Editor allows you to make changes to specific words within the paragraph. You can also insert additional elements into the text box, which makes content editing much easier.

In the this tool, you have the following options: insert image, create link, insert table, set text format (bold, italic, underlined), add bullets or numbers and remove formatting.

In the following example,we have marked a section of the text and made it Bold, Italic and Underlined. These are settings you can give to individual words within the paragraph.

With the Insert Image option, you can insert an image into the text paragraph. This tool enables you to upload or replace image file, set title, determine the image's proportions and the text alignment around the image. Click Save and the image will appear in your text box.

When adding a Link, you can choose from several options. The content of the Link Properties window will change according to you choice: 

URL. External link to another web page.

Anchor. If you have set an anchor element in the page, you’ll be able to select it.

Email. Set a link to a specific email address, edit the subject and the content of the email.

Page. Link to a page within the website.

File. Upload a file and enable users to access it through a link in the website.

In the Target menu, you can select how you’d like the link to open: Within the same page, in a different tab or in a pop-up window.

When setting a link, you can also select it’s style from the available styles. You can create and add your own custom style for links. This is something that we will be able to do using the the Paragraph Styles window and the Paragraph Properties panel.

If you leave the style as default, it will look like this

To change it, double click on your link to re-open the Link Properties window. And using the Style dropdown choose your desired paragraph style. 

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