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How To Create a Mailto Link.
How To Create a Mailto Link.

The Text Editor tool allows you to easily create a Mailto Link and apply it to specific word or words within a paragraph.

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The Text Editor tool allows you to easily create a Mailto Link and apply it to specific word or words within a paragraph. 

You can also create a mailto link using our button element. Click Here to learn more about buttons.

The mailto link activates the default email application on your computer for sending an email message.

  1. Within the text-box, mark the text you would like to link and click the Link icon on the top menu. 

2. Select the E-mail option from the dropdown menu in the Link To field. 

3. Add email address, message subject (optional) and message (optional) to the following fields.


Style refers to your Paragraph Styles. 

If you leave the style as default it will look like this

To edit this - double click the link again and it will re-open the Link Properties window. Reset the style from default to the paragraph style you wish to use. 

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