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The Articles and The Collection Elements.
The Articles and The Collection Elements.

These allow you to create repetitive based elements, such as blog posts, product collections, news feeds, and much more.

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With Articles, you are able to design a template that will allow the content manager to add new posts on their own. Every new post created will follow the same design format as the other posts.

Click and drag your Articles or Collection Element onto the canvas. The elements can be found under Basic Elements in the Elements Panel.

The element will come in, with default text and images in place. 

Edits to the layout for one article, will edit the layout of all articles in the element. For example, if you change the location of the title, it will change on all articles. 

The content of each article, can be individually edited. Simply double click the element you would like to edit, then edit normally. 

You can delete and bring in new elements into the article. Use the Properties Panel to bring in new Shapes, Images, Text or Video into the article. Make sure you have the article itself selected, and not an element within it, in order to see the elements to drag in. 

To manage the order of your articles or delete articles, click on the manage button located in the Properties Panel. 

You are also be able to edit the number of columns, the number of posts per page, and if you want to turn the pagination at the bottom off. 

To add a new article, click the + Add New Article button located within the Properties Panel. 

This will duplicate your top article and place the new one on top. You can then edit the content of the article easily. 

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