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Can I transfer a domain from one site to another?
Can I transfer a domain from one site to another?

How to transfer your domain from one website to another site in your account.

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Please follow these steps:

1. Login to your Webydo Dashboard

2. Find your original site - and click the + Add A Domain link to open your Domain Settings.

3. Delete your added domains

The non-primary domain must be deleted first. The primary domain (the domain with the house icon) can only be deleted if it's the last domain listed. 

(If you have SSL connected, turn off the SSL before deleting the domain)

4. Switch to the General tab - and mark the site as Not Active and click SAVE

5. Go back to Dashboard

6. Find your New Site, and click + Add A Domain

7. Add your domain to your new site. Don't forget to add both domain types - with "www" and without "www".

8. Your domains should already be connected (if they were previously connected on your old site), if not click View Instructions to learn how to connect your domain to our server. 

9. Enter your site studio - and PUBLISH!

You're all set! 

* If you are on one of our older plans and pay hosting per site or if you have SSL connected to the website, please contact or to transfer your hosting payment to your new site. 

  • Be sure to include both SID's so we can transfer it as fast as possible for you. 

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