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How do I set my primary domain?
How do I set my primary domain?

The Primary Domain is the main address for your site, it is marked by a House icon in your Domain Settings.

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To change or set up your Primary Domain, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Open your Domain Settings by clicking + Add A Domain from your dashboard

Step 2: This will open your Domain Settings window. If you have your Primary Domain setup, you will see a House icon to the left of the domain.

Step 3: To change the Primary Domain, click on the Domain you want to set, to open up it's settings. 

Step 4: On the bottom right corner of the domain's settings, click on the House icon. 

Step 5: Once set, you will see the House icon move to your new Primary Domain. 

Step 6: Publish your site to update your current live version!

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