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How do I add a domain to my site?
How do I add a domain to my site?

Learn how to add custom domains to your Webydo site.

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1. Access Webydo's Dashboard and then click the + Add A Domain button for the site.

2. This will open Site Settings on the Domain & Email Tab.

3. Click the Add a New Domain button

4. Write your domain name in the input field that just appeared and click Continue.

5. Our system will automatically check to make sure your DNS settings are connected properly. 

6. If your Status is "Waiting for domain registrar connection" this means you need to check your settings. 

7. Choose your domain registrar from the list, and click View Instructions to learn how to connect it.

8. Follow the directions to connect your Domain. 

9. Once connected, your Status will change to: "Domain registrar connection successful"

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