How do I add Paytrail as a payment processor?

Paytrail is a Finnish payment gateway. Paytrail accepts payments only in EUR.


How to set up


1. In your Webydo Store Control Panel: 

  • Go to the System Settings → Payment page. Change the "Payment Processor" value of a payment method to "Paytrail".
  • Save the changes.

2. Get your Merchant ID and Merchant authentication hash. 

Merchant ID is merchant identification number given by Paytrail consisting of digits only. Merchant authentication hash and Merchant ID can be found from material sent to merchant by Paytrail.

3. Return to Ecwid control panel. 

  • Go to the System Settings → Payment page. 
  • Click the [Account Details] link near the Paytrail payment method. 
  • Enter the Merchant ID and Merchant authentication hash values to the corresponding fields.
  • Save the changes and enable this payment method.

To test the payment gateway you can use the credentials, provided on this page: