How To Add Google Services.

If you use Google services such as Google Analytics and need to enter a certain code to your site, this is where it can be done. The services we currently support are Google Analytics, Webmaster Tool and Google Apps.  
1. Access Webydo's Dashboard and then click the website's Settings icon.
2. Under the Services tab, enter the required code for each service you use:
For Google Analytics: Paste in your Google ID number, it will look like: UA-XXXXX-Y or UA-XXXXX-YY.
For Google Webmaster Tools: Paste in your verification number, it will look like: P6K6j6cX1PuschVWmmP3eg45nfYosne-qyzk
For Google Apps Verification: Paste in your verification number, it will look like the code used for Google Webmaster Tools.
For more help, you can also look at the individual articles for Google Analytics and Google Webmaster.